Cleaner Energy Options

Elevate your energy with our sustainable solutions. Clean natural gas options for a greener, brighter future. Join us in the clean energy revolution.

Now you can choose

We all appreciate options. We choose where we live, what we do for work, and now we can choose who we purchase clean energy from. At Callective Energy, we want to provide you with reliable energy options and a more sustainable future. More options mean more value for residents and business owners all over California. That’s why Callective Energy is here; to put California communities in control of their energy – at a better value. Together we have a choice, let’s choose clean energy and savings as a community.

Green-e Certified

It’s not easy being green. But we don’t do it because it’s easy, we do it because we care. By purchasing Carbon Offset Green Gas, 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your natural gas consumption are offset with Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets. Green-e® Climate certified offsets meet the most rigorous standards for quality in the industry. Go green today.

Let's clean together

We are proud supporters of 4Ocean, a company dedicated to solving the ocean plastic pollution crisis. We’ve committed to using proceeds from every new Callective Energy green sign-up to help this incredible organization. You can help us clean up the coastlines by becoming a Callective Energy customer. Get more info here.

Let's grow together

We believe in partnership. Plant-It 2021 and One Tree Planted are a non-profits dedicated to the reforestation of public lands. Through our partnerships with them, we have planted over 30,000 trees in multiple locations in North America for new green customers. Let’s grow a more sustainable future together one choice at a time. Find out how to get involved here.